Nadya Reingand, PhD

Company President Nadya Reingand

Washington, DC area Patents by Dr. Nadya Reingand as an inventor in the field of optical communications and holography, and also she has registered USPTO license No. 60933.

Nadya Reingand, President & Founder

Company President Nadya Reingand is leading the way in transforming the worldwide industry of intellectual property. Her expertise as an academic, inventor, and business owner has given her the tools to modernize intellectual property in ways few can. Her book “Intellectual Property in Academia” was a 2011 best-seller on university campuses in the US and has helped countless inventors bring their inventions from lab to market. President Reingand has used her abilities to speak out and lead the conversation at international forums on IP to help advocate for the collaboration of multinational academic institutions and present a unique analysis of modern trends. Her expertise is sought worldwide, evidenced by numerous invitations to speak at IP summits in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US (still waiting for an Australian invite! Just kidding!). She has a passion for building partnerships across borders to bring the vast potential of international inventors to the expanding American innovation market.

But what fuels her passion towards expanding the opportunities that intellectual property affords people all across the globe? Here’s what she said:

“I started this company to help businesses and inventors from all walks of life, but truly realized the over-arching goal of my company when I asked a client, ‘What do you see as the main objective you are trying to achieve with your invention?’ He responded, ‘To make the world a better place.’ Right at that moment, I realized we shared the same exact goal.”

An inventor and scientist in her own right, Nadya Reingand holds high-tech patents on:

1 8,143,575 Detection of high Z materials using reference database
2 8,019,556 Inspection system and method
3 7,945,174 Secure optical communications system and method with coherent detection
4 7,897,925 System and method for high Z material detection
5 7,652,254 Method and system for nuclear substance revealing using muon detection
6 7,570,373 System and method to measure parameters distribution in sheet-like objects
7 7,512,338 Method and apparatus for pulse generation and adaptive pulse generation for optical communications
8 7,470,905 High Z material detection system and method
9 7,418,209 System and method for multi-dimensional encoding
10 7,391,969 Method and apparatus for pulse generation and adaptive pulse generation for optical communications
11 7,315,697 Light source for generating an output signal having spaced apart frequencies
12 7,266,307 Method and apparatus for pulse generation and adaptive pulse generation for optical communications
13 7,224,906 Method and system for mitigating nonlinear transmission impairments in fiber-optic communications systems
14 7,110,677 Method and system for optical time division multiplexed fiber communications with coherent detection
15 6,671,425 Method and system for acoustically tuning a light source

In addition, Nadya Reingand has expertly written on IP and scientific topics in the following:


“Intellectual Property in Academia: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers”
Francis &Taylor, USA, 2011 (Ed.)

“Optical Imaging and Metrology”
Wiley, 2012 (Co-Ed.)

Selected Publications
“Wordwide scientific collaboration and national intellectual property: how to put those things together?”
N.Reingand and M.Stech, International Congress on Optics, Puebla, Mexico, Aug. 2011, Proceedings SPIE

“Beyond the eureka moment”
Physics World, July 2011, pp.44-45

“Bringing University Invention to the Market”
N. Reingand and W. Osten, Speckle2010:Optical Metrology, Brazil, September 2010, Proceedings SPIE, vol. 7387, p. 738712

“Intellectual property analysis of holographic material business”
N. Reingand and D.Hunt, Photonics West conference, San Jose, 2006, Proceedings SPIE, vol. 6136

High Tech Specialists

Patent Hatchery is staffed by experienced scientists and engineers that understand your advanced innovations and the value they have, so they know how to protect them best.

We have had success patenting inventions in various fields and industries, including:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Opto-electronics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Digital Communications
  • IT
  • Mobile applications
  • Plus many others!

Educational Courses Offered

Patent Hatchery believes in educating current and future inventors so that with the right knowledge and tools, they can take charge of their intellectual property and bring it to market. We offer half- and full-day courses on:

  • “Nuts and Bolts of Patenting”
  • “Patenting in Academia”
  • “The Art of the Patent Search and Analysis”

Course Descriptions

Short course #1: “Nuts and bolts of patenting“

The course will enable you to:

• identify your benefits if your idea is patented
• learn the basic steps in patent filing
• access the USPTO electronic filing system for patent filing and use this system to monitor the status of your own as well as competing patent applications
• limit your legal expenses by doing a large portion of the work yourself
• create better protection through understanding the examination procedure
• accelerate your patent’s prosecution
• optimize your effort in patenting by understanding what the process entails

Short course #2: “Patenting in Academia”

The course will enable you to:

• identify the distinction from existing solutions that makes the ideas patentable
• recognize your benefits in filing the patent application for the inventions in academic community
• learn the basic steps in patent filing
• access the USPTO electronic system for patent search and filing in our interactive on-line session
• on-line monitor the status of your patent applications
• understand licensing issues with Technology Transfer Office of the University
• optimize your effort in patenting by understanding what the process entails

Short course #3: “The art of patent search and analysis”

The course will enable you to:

• identify the type of patent search to perform
• find the optimal strategy of the search
• use a variety of on-line resources to achieve the best search result
• select optimal tools for the patent search
• learn about various types of patent analysis

Be your own boss!

Patent Hatchery provides assistance to clients in establishing a US business for your inventions so you, the inventor or IP owner, can capitalize on your intellectual property while bringing it to untapped markets.

Company President Nadya Reingand