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Nadya Reingand, PhD is the Founder and the President of Patent Hatchery LLC; she holds a PhD in Optoelectronics from St. Petersburg University with 15 years of experience working in high tech R&D, author of many scientific papers and patents of her own. Nadya is licensed to practice Patent Law before US Patent Office. She has filed and prosecuted over 300 patent applications. Her book “Intellectual Property...
Legal defense
ЗАЩИТА В СУДЕ Каждый случай индивидуален. Напишите нам про свои проблемы: admin@us-patent.info Problems. Dispute resolutions. Each case is individual, so please contact us regarding your case: admin@us-patent.info...
US Nonprovisional Patent Application


In the US, there are three types of patents: utility, design and plant patents. The most common is utility patent, which is for useful invention. The requirements for the invention patentability include novelty, non-obviousness and utility of the invention. Patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by the state to the inventor or...


We know quite a few different types of patent searches such as Validity Searches, Novelty searches, Infringement searches State of the Art searches. They all have different purpose and require strategy. The most common type is Novelty Search. The Novelty Search is used when there is a need to determine if anything similar was...


Many inventors would like to have the examination of their application as soon as possible. Here we list a couple most popular ways to expedite the prosecution of your application (the examination is most likely will be completed within 12 months):
  1. File a Petition on age, when at least one of the inventors is over...


Modern global economy and markets often require protection of your idea in many countries. The reason for that is the fact that patents are geographically limited, they are valid only in particular country. How to obtain protection in a foreign country? A common way of pursuing patent rights outside your home country is to...


Typically, when submitting the new utility patent application we pay the following fees (as of April 8, 2015): the basic filing fee $70 the search fee $300 the examination fee $370 Total: $740 This fees correspond to individual inventors or companies with less than 500 employees. The status of such applicant is called “small entity”. Besides the small entity...
Patent procedure
service-image-provisional-patent FILING
  1. Prepare the description of your invention ( with drawings) DESCRIPTION OF YOUR INVENTION
  2. Discuss your material with Patent Hatchery ( we can sign NDA if needed, however our profession assumes confidentiality)
  3. Develop strategy, which includes
(a) filing/not filing U.S. provisional application; prov-application (b) performing patent search and patentability analysis; PATENT SEARCH (c) filing U.S. nonprovisional...