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What’s stupid this month: Xerox patents sharing documents online

(credit: Ohio University Libraries)

Once a month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's crack team of patent lawyers reaches deep into the US Patent Office's giant sack of freshly issued patents. Then they pull out one of the shadiest, saddest, painfully obvious, never-should've-gotten-even-close-to-issuance patents and subject it to public scrutiny.

This month, EFF attorney Vera Ranieri selected a highly questionable Xerox...

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Microsoft patents a slider, earning EFF’s “Stupid Patent of the Month” award

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Stupid Patent of the Month" for December isn't owned by a sketchy shell company, but rather the Microsoft Corporation. The selection, published yesterday, is the first time the EFF has picked a design patent as the SPOTM. The blog post seeks to highlight some of the problems with those lesser-known cousins to standard "utility" patents, especially the damages...

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