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Apple pays $25M to a university, and the patent troll it cut a deal with

(credit: Steve Rhodes)

Apple has agreed to pay $ 24.9 million to a "patent troll" to end a lawsuit over its Siri voice system, according to documents filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Publicly traded Marathon Patent Group, whose business is focused on patent licensing and lawsuits, will split the settlement cash with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI),...

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Patent that cost Microsoft millions gets invalidated

(credit: US Patent and Trademark Office)

One of the oldest and most profitable patent trolls, Uniloc, has been shot down. Its US Patent No. 5,490,216, which claims to own the concept of "product activation" in software, had all claims ruled invalid by the Patent Trademark and Appeals Board (PTAB).

The process through which PTAB eliminated the patent is called an "inter partes reexam," or IPR....

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Jury: Apple must pay $626 million to patent troll VirnetX

An East Texas jury has ruled that Apple must pay patent-holding company VirnetX $ 625.6 million for infringing four patents. It's a massive verdict for VirnetX, a company that has no products and makes its money solely through patent litigation.

The verdict form (PDF) shows the jury found Apple infringed on every patent claim that was at...

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Patent troll VirnetX wants jury to give it a half-billion dollars of Apple’s cash

(credit: Erik Mörner)

A patent trial has just kicked off in the patent hotspot of East Texas, and it's a big one. VirnetX, a patent-holding company that says it owns wide-ranging rights to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), is facing off against Apple.

VirnetX says that Apple's VPN technology, as well as its Facetime video-messaging, both infringe the company's...

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Wait… we sued who?! Patent troll drops case one day after Newegg’s lawyer calls

Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng mourns the lack of patent trolls willing to challenge him: "I never get invited to parties anymore." (credit: Newegg)

A shell company that sued dozens of computer peripheral makers has quickly dropped Newegg house brand Rosewill from its list of defendants. The motion to dismiss, filed yesterday, comes just days after Newegg's...

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Cisco gets a big patent win despite Supreme Court loss, overturns $64M verdict

Cisco Nexus switches. (credit: pchow98)

Cisco has finally quashed a long-running lawsuit brought by an Israeli patent-holding company called Commil USA. The case took a surprising number of detours, including a trip to the Supreme Court last year that looks almost unnecessary in hindsight.

In an opinion (PDF) published Monday, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said...

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Microsoft patents a slider, earning EFF’s “Stupid Patent of the Month” award

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Stupid Patent of the Month" for December isn't owned by a sketchy shell company, but rather the Microsoft Corporation. The selection, published yesterday, is the first time the EFF has picked a design patent as the SPOTM. The blog post seeks to highlight some of the problems with those lesser-known cousins to standard "utility" patents, especially the damages...

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In a first, East Texas judge hits patent troll with attorneys’ fees

Federal court in Marshall, Texas. (credit: Joe Mullin)

The most litigious "patent troll" of 2014 has been effectively shut down, and will have to pay attorneys' fees to several defendants.

US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap, who hears more patent cases that any other federal judge, issued an order (PDF) on Thursday saying that the behavior of eDekka LLC qualified...

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