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Дневник патентоведа №. 101 Боб Май…
Мне вчера подарили книжку Боба, и хочется теплым словом вспомнить этого замечательного человека, который помогал нам в становлении компании. Юмор, сарказм, внимание к деталям, анекдотичность казалось бы обыденных ситуаций и вещей - всё это Вы найдете в этой книге. (Там даже был рассказ про меня, но потом редактор почему-то его убрал). Рисунки Ирины Борисовой - это просто песня! Из рецензии -"автор сумел создать легкую дымку юмора,...
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How Oracle made its case against Google, in pictures

(credit: Aurich Lawson)

Oracle's lawyers have made their final pitch to paint Google as a copyright outlaw, and the decision is now up to a 10-person jury. The jurors are deliberating in a room on the 19th floor of the US Federal Courthouse in San Francisco. Deliberations have gone on for two days now, and the jury will return...

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Incensing critics, Google engineer ends push for crypto-only setting in Allo

(credit: Yuri Samoilov)

A co-leader on Google's product security team has waved a piece of red meat in front of already frothing privacy advocates by deleting part of a blog post saying he wished the Allo messenger app the company announced Wednesday would provide end-to-end encryption by default.

To critics, the deletion by Thai Duong amounted to tacit...

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Top programmer describes Android’s nuts and bolts in Oracle v. Google

Programmer Dan Bornstein, who testified in the Oracle v. Google trial on Friday, named Android's "virtual machine" after Dalvik, a small Icelandic fishing village. (credit: Dan Bornstein)

The Oracle v. Google trial rolled into its fifth day on Friday, beginning with videotaped deposition testimony from Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Later in the day, a former Sun...

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