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Judge: Star Trek fanfic creators must face CBS, Paramount copyright lawsuit

(credit: Axanar Productions)

On Monday, a Los Angeles-based US District Court judge ruled that Axanar Productions, a crowd-funded Star Trek fanfiction production company, would have to face a copyright infringement lawsuit (PDF) from CBS and Paramount, which own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise.

In a blog post about the upcoming trial dates, leader...

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Supreme Court takes up copyright case over resold textbooks—again

Petitioner Supap Kirtsaeng in 2014. (credit: Doug Kari)

Supap Kirtsaeng built himself a business on eBay buying textbooks in Asia and reselling them to students in the US. That practice made him the target of a copyright lawsuit by John Wiley & Sons, a large textbook company that didn't like Kirtsaeng undercutting their US prices. Lawyers for Wiley said...

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CBS, Paramount sue crowdfunded Star Trek filmmakers for copyright infringement

Prelude to Axanar (Official).

On Tuesday, lawyers representing CBS and Paramount Studios sued Axanar Productions, a company formed by a group of fans attempting to make professional-quality Star Trek fan-fiction movies, for copyright infringement.

"The Axanar Works are intended to be professional quality productions that, by Defendants’ own admission, unabashedly take Paramount’s and CBS’s intellectual property and aim to...

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Bank of America gets Twitter to delete journalist’s joke, says he violated copyright

The founding editor of Business Insider UK, Jim Edwards, had a bank delete two of his tweets today. In an e-mail, Bank of America told Edwards that his tweets violated the bank's copyright and that if he kept it up, they'd see to it that his Twitter account was deleted.

"Investment banks apparently have the power to censor journalists on Twitter, simply by asking," Edwards wrote in...

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Copyright tribunal slaps Pandora with 20 percent rate increase [Updated]

Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora Media, speaks during an interview in October 2015. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg (credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images)

Internet radio services like Pandora will have to pay more to artists and their representative groups, according to a decision released today by the Copyright Royalty (CRB). The basic per-song rates paid by Pandora will go from $ ...

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Copyright : Registration and protection services
Copyright – Registration and protection services for all suitable objects in the scope of copyright. Let Patent Hatchery secure your ownership of copyright assets and privileges! COPYRIGHT © Copyright is a right of the creator of an original work to exclude others from making business using this product. It is exclusive rights More No comments
Trademark Bullying: Defending Your Brand or Vexatious Business Tactics?
Recently, in a Report to Congress on trademark litigation tactics, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) defined the amorphous term Trademark Bullying or Trademark Trolling as the vexatious practice of a “trademark owner that uses its trademark rights to harass and intimidate another business beyond what the law might be reasonably interpreted to allow.” Mirroring the modus operandi exhibited by patent assertion...
“Будни патентоведа. Дневник”
Н.Р. :  "Будни патентоведа. Дневник" сегодняшний выпуск: Клиент смотрит мне прямо в глаза и говорит: "Надежда Олеговна, Вы сама изобретатель, и я боюсь, что Вы, услышав про мое изобретение, сразу возьмете его себе и запатентуете". Во-первых, отдельная тема - какие страшные наказания ждут патентного поверенного за такие действия. Сейчас не об этом. Я хочу сказать о другом. Изобретений - огромное море. Изобретений, которые стоят того, чтобы затевать бизнес...
Nadya Reingand, PhD is the Founder and the President of Patent Hatchery LLC; she holds a PhD in Optoelectronics from St. Petersburg University with 15 years of experience working in high tech R&D, author of many scientific papers and patents of her own. Nadya is licensed to practice Patent Law before US Patent Office. She has filed and prosecuted over 300 patent applications. Her book “Intellectual Property...
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