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Nadya Reingand, PhD
is the Founder and the President of Patent Hatchery LLC; she holds a PhD in Optoelectronics from St. Petersburg University with 15 years of experience working in high tech R&D, author of many scientific papers and patents of her own. Nadya is licensed to practice Patent Law before US Patent Office.
She has filed and prosecuted over 300 patent applications. Her book “Intellectual Property in Academia: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers” specifically addresses innovations made within academic community. She teaches courses on intellectual property at scientific conferences and in various universities of the world.
Licensed to practice before U.S. Patent Office
Ph.D. in opto-electronics
70+ own scientific publications and patents

Washington, DC area

Nadya Reingand, President & Founder

Company President, Nadya Reingand is leading the way to transform the worldwide industry of intellectual property. Her expertise as an academic, inventor, and business owner has given her the tools to modernize intellectual property in ways that not many ventured to try. Her book “Intellectual Property in Academia” was a 2011 best-seller on university campuses in the US and has helped countless inventors bring their inventions from lab to market. President Reingand has used her abilities to speak out and lead conversations at international forums on IP to help advocate for the collaboration of international academic institutions and present a unique analysis of modern trends. Her expertise is sought worldwide, evidenced by numerous invitations to speak at IP summits in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US (still waiting for an Australian invite! Just kidding!). She has a passion for building partnerships across borders to bring the vast potential of international inventors to the expanding American innovation market.

But what fuels her passion towards expanding the opportunities that intellectual property affords people all across the globe? Here’s what she said:

“I started this company to help businesses and inventors from all walks of life, but truly realized the over-arching goal of my company when I asked a client, ‘What do you see as the main objective you are trying to achieve with your invention?’ He responded, ‘To make the world a better place.’ Right at that moment, I realized we shared the same exact goal.”