Дневник патентоведа Но. 99

Просто расскажу о себе.
Just to introduce myself:
Dr. Nadya Reingand is a former scientist with PhD thesis in 3-dimensional imaging who hails all the way from St.Petersburg University, Russia. Science has been my first love, and always remains close to my heart. However, as it always happens with the first love, you outgrow it at certain point of your life, so I found my 4th dimension in practicing patent law. This has not happened all a sudden. I had obtained my first patents while still being a student at the university, and I have always be fascinated by inventive things and personalities. Currently I am the President of Patent Hatchery, USA company dealing with Intellectual Property protection for the inventors from 28 countries around the globe. I have edited two books “Intellectual property in academia: practical guide for scientists and engineers” (2011) and “Optical imaging and Metrology: Advanced Technologies” (2012) and authored and co-authored in excess of 70+ scientific papers and patents.