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Species-specific wiring for direction selectivity in the mammalian retina

Directionally tuned signalling in starburst amacrine cell (SAC) dendrites lies at the heart of the circuit that detects the direction of moving stimuli in the mammalian retina. The relative contributions of intrinsic cellular properties and network connectivity to SAC direction selectivity remain unclear. Here we present a detailed connectomic reconstruction of SAC circuitry in mouse retina and describe two previously unknown features of synapse...

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A combinatorial strategy for treating KRAS-mutant lung cancer

Therapeutic targeting of KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma represents a major goal of clinical oncology. KRAS itself has proved difficult to inhibit, and the effectiveness of agents that target key KRAS effectors has been thwarted by activation of compensatory or parallel pathways that limit their efficacy as single agents. Here we take a systematic approach towards identifying combination targets for trametinib, a MEK inhibitor approved by...

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From expert pitchfork user to competent Mac user

(credit: Kris Connor/ Getty Images)

I grew up in a low-tech household. My dad only replaced something if it caught fire. We owned about 15 cars (mostly Humber 80s), and 13 of them were used to keep the other two running. Same story for tractors and any other farm equipment you care to name. Dad’s basic...

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Widespread transmission of independent cancer lineages within multiple bivalve species

Most cancers arise from oncogenic changes in the genomes of somatic cells, and while the cells may migrate by metastasis, they remain within that single individual. Natural transmission of cancer cells from one individual to another has been observed in two distinct cases in mammals (Tasmanian devils and dogs), but these are generally considered to be rare exceptions in nature. The discovery of transmissible...

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China’s powerful new rocket makes a successful debut launch

The Long March 7 rocket lifted off at 8:01am ET on Saturday morning. (credit: Chinese TV screenshot)

China's developing space program took another major step forward on Saturday with the launch of its Long March 7 rocket, a new class of booster capable of lifting up to 13.5 metric tons to low-Earth orbit (LEO). The primary...

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Survey: Container management tops concerns among DevOps personnel

cloud foundry logoThe most challenging aspect of using containerized applications is managing them, according to half of the 711 DevOps staffers surveyed by container-management firm Cloud Foundry.

Among the 53 percent of the respondents saying they were either trying or using containers, 38 percent said monitoring them was a challenge, and 36 percent...

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