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To mitigate poverty, Y Combinator set to launch minimum income plan

(credit: Jaegar Moore)

OAKLAND, Calif.—Earlier this month, Y Combinator, the famed Silicon Valley incubator dropped a bombshell: it had selected this city to be the home of its new "Basic Income" pilot project, to start later this year.

The idea is pretty simple. Give some people a small amount of money per month, no strings attached, for...

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Computational neuroscience: Species-specific motion detectors

A range of neuronal mechanisms can enable animals to detect the direction of visual motion. Computational models now indicate that a factor as simple as eye size might explain some of this diversity.

Nature doi: 10.1038/nature18454

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Following a period of turmoil, Wikimedia Foundation appoints new director

Earlier today, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced that the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees has appointed Katherine Maher as its new executive director.

Maher formerly served as communications officer for Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that governs the massive online encyclopedia. She became interim director in March following a period of turmoil during which a board member and former Executive Director Lila Tretikov both...

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Independence Day: Resurgence: Like a high-budget porno, minus sex and fun

Heaven help us that we've reached this point: where the legacy of a blatant B-movie retread like 1996's Independence Day can be looked upon fondly, especially in light of a sequel. I have no interest in holding the original film up to some American Film Institute-level standard; the campy Roland Emmerich original is a classic because it knew its place as a piece of hyperbolic, chest-thumping...

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