Patent procedure, Patent Search: novelty, validity, freedom-to-operate and technology
Patent procedure FILING
  1. Prepare the description of your invention ( with drawings)
  2. Discuss your material with Patent Hatchery ( we can sign NDA if needed, however our profession assumes confidentiality)
  3. Develop strategy, which includes
(a) filing/not filing U.S. provisional application; (b) performing patent search and patentability analysis; (c) filing U.S. nonprovisional application; (d) filing PCT application; (e) filing National stage for your PCT application; (f) filing design patent application; (g) filing Copyright application for your software...
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Patents Our company handles the application and approval process for various patents:
  • US and PCT patent applications
  • Leading-edge high tech patent solutions
  • Design patents
  • Expedited prosecution for foreign patents
  • Patent assignment recordation
  • Accelerated examinations
  • Patent Strategy consulting
  • Patent Search and analysis
1 8,958,678 Electro-optice device comprising a ridge waveguide and a PN junction and method of manufacturing said device 2 8,957,902 Method and apparatus...
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Патентовед, лицензия США №60933 кандидат физ-мат. наук, специалист в области оптоэлектроники,   лазерной техники, нанотехнологий, волоконно-оптической связи,   радиосвязи и др. областях хай-тека. Оформляет заявки на патенты и представляет интересы  изобретателей в переговорах с Патентным Офисом США, а также  международные заявки РСТ. Выступает экспертом при оценке значимости и перспективности технологий. Проводит анализ новизны  изобретения на основе поиска по патентным базам данных разных стран.  Свободно владеет русским и английским.
Licensed to practice before U.S. Patent Office Ph.D....
Strategies for a company’s intellectual property
IP protection is a part of your business strategy and matches your commercial goals. A simple IP strategy is to protect your product and service by getting patent, trademark and copyright certificates. The next step is to lock out competitors from the next generation of product. The data, which is disclosed in the patents should be balanced with trade secrets, which know only a few people. Ignoring IP...