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Patent search and analysis, patent filing and prosecution. Company IP portfolio building. Legal protection and valuation.


Trademarks registration. Protection of your brand in USA and worldwide.Trademark search in the federal database.


Copyright Registration for written material, software, music, pictorial, graphic and sculptural works in U.S. Library of Congress.
Вэбинар по патентованию в США

@ American Councils for international education.

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Patent services – USPTO and PCT patent services on all types of patents. We are catering to every client individually. Patent counseling and prosecution services in addition to strategic guidance for your intellectual assets are some of the ways Patent Hatchery will help strengthen and protect your IP interests.



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Trademarks registration. Protection of your brand in USA and worldwide. Checking availability of your trade name before starting your business prevents troubles associated with stepping on somebody’s registered IP. Besides, timely TM registration protects your products from counterfeiting.  Read More


Copyright Registration for written material, software, music, pictorial, graphic and sculptural works. Copyright laws are designed to protect the creator of intellectual works. The registration is performed in U.S. Library of Congress.  Read More


Up to 70% of high tech company is in its intellectual property according to The Economist. IP has a value by itself and a subject for possible sale or licensing. It also affects significantly company’s valuation and investments. Read More

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  • Introduction to Intellectual Property in Academia 1.1 - 1.1 Intellectual property issues that are relevant in university settings With practicality and efficacy being the guiding principles of this volume, we have tried to avoid overloading it with excessive information extraneous to the IP cases actually occurring in academic environment. Hence, rather than meticulously delineating all the exceptions and possible non-standard circumstances, we prefer to focus our attention on a limited number of the most common situations. First of all, one should distinguish between the main types of intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. To grasp the differences between these IP types one should follow Continue Reading
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property in Academia 1.2 - 1.2 History and ethics of university IP laws  The differences between the approaches to handling of the IP in the university and industry settings are closely related to very dissimilar societal roles that Academia and Industry have played throughout history. Traditionally, university scientists had been content to focus their inquisitive minds, for the most part, on basic research with any putative practical applications being tangential to the main goal of expanding knowledge. The Academic scientists liked to see themselves as intellectuals engaged in noble pursuits unmarred by the practical concerns of everyday life. This Academic elitism had always been associated Continue Reading
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property in Academia 1.3 - 1.3 Patents affecting university research Let us delineate the benefits of patenting in the academic environment. First, the patent provides the recognition of the scientist as an inventor (which an article can do as well); Second, the patent can be counted as another publication; Third, since the patent is valuable to the university it helps to improve the scientist’s position there; The last, but far from the least, potential monetary reward can be lucrative both for the scientist and for the university. On the flip side of it, quite a few scientists have been pointing out the deleterious effect the Continue Reading


We help our foreign clients with registering U.S. business to support moving their innovations to U.S. market. We assist in navigating the process of setting up a new business and support while it grows. Tax returns for newly established companies are prepared by our licensed CPA until the company is ready to hire its own personnel. We aid in business negotiations, may represent your company at trade shows and conferences. We provide full support in your entrepreneurial journey.



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